Intrigue Theater

The Brief

Being challenged with building a new website for one of my prestigious clients, Intrigue Theater was an exciting possibility for me as a website developer.
Intrigue Theater is renowned for its creativity, art, and entertainment. Their expertise encompasses over two decades while bringing entertainment to customers with stand-up comedy, Dramas, Magic shows, and much more.
The project’s objective was to develop a smart, user-friendly, and inspirational website that supports its initiatives, brand message, and brand values.
Additionally, the site has to be constructed utilizing a cutting-edge framework, have extensive online booking tools with a call to action button, and be mobile responsive in addition to being linked to an adaptable content management system.


Arts and Entertainment



Services Involved

Web Design
Web Development



We started the project by experimenting with distinctive layouts, finding fresh and intriguing ways to present their material, and putting their brand image to life, digitally. We tackled the design challenge with two requirements: the site must be cutting-edge, along with it must stand out from the crowd.
The website speed has been handled by WP Rocket. This amazing plugin has improved the overall performance of the website. Moreover, an online booking system has been integrated with a call to action button to make a hustle-free ticket.


I chose a headless strategy utilizing a React-based framework because the design included numerous interactive components and huge, high-resolution imagery. By integrating this technology, the site can load quickly and offers the end user a gorgeously smooth browsing and interaction experience.
A WordPress CMS was another request from Intrigue Theater because they were already aware of its operation from their previous website. WordPress was the ideal choice because it gave Intrigue Theater’s marketing team unlimited control over every part of the site and was incredibly versatile and fully bilingual.

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